Funny bingo rewards

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Playing and winning bingo is usually no joke. There is big money to be won and in other cases, some great prizes like holidays or a car. But that being said, funny bingo rewards do exist. Although most people who enjoy a game or two of bingo play solely for the fun of it and the social aspect, winning a prize is still part of the experience.

The prize on offer though, can sometimes be questionable - and unless you have found out otherwise or it has been advertised, there is no real way to know what bing reward you are going to get should be in with a shot at winning a bingo game. Just make sure that before you play the game, you are quite familiar with UK bingo calls.

Depending on where you are playing and what kind of game you are playing, the prize on offer can be anything that the people organising the bingo game determine it to be. Especially the case if the bingo game is taking place on a themed night, or a holiday such as halloween, you can sometimes expect the prize to be somewhat unconventional and sometimes downright hilarious.

The funny bingo reward that gave a bit “mooo-re”

One bingo reward that would really make you say “holy cow!” if you were in the running for it. Some pubs usually offer bingo games and these are hosted to a theme most of the time whether it comes in the form of a drinking game or another theme.

Hailing from New York City, a woman in her 20s was playing a charity bingo game as she was on a trip to the countryside, and why not - what else can you do? Now, getting something that perhaps not every, if any, 20 something wants, she won the bingo game.

The bingo reward that she got to take home? A milking cow. The announcement came as both a shock and a hilarious joke to the crowd, and once this all wore off the winner was allegedly taken to meet and collect her prize. Nobody knows for sure what happened though, and we can only guess considering that she lived in one of the busiest cities in the world.

The funny bingo reward that mixed business with pleasure

A website back in 2007 would host a variety of bingo games with a naughty adult X-rated theme daily, and the games on offer gave out huge rewards to any winners. Not only that, but those playing this bingo game could also call in and rate other players of the game to find out who had the sexiest voice.

The numbers were replaced with dirty nicknames, and other prizes includes lingerie and sex toys. One college hosted a bingo party to address the issues in sex education and this features information and presentations with sexologists to teach about safe sex practices - prizes included sex dolls and vibrators. Not the most conventional way to teach a class, and not the most conventional prizes to win at a bingo game, but pretty funny nonetheless.

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