Crypto Slot vs other slot games

By: Quikseo

Let’s find out which is the better option.

Crypto Slots

The main reason that people choose to use cryptocurrency to play slot games is because of the security it provides. It is not real money and is instead a digital code that cannot be replicated. This means that there is no risk of having your money stolen. Plus, the blockchain means that all cryptocurrency is tracked and accounted for. This means that even if someone does find a way to steal your currency, it can be tracked and stopped almost instantly.

Real Money Slots

One thing that has always been a downside to using real money to play slot games is that the player needs to continuously make transactions between their bank and the online casino to play slots online. This continuous back and forth makes it more and more likely that some unfriendly eyes can discover this activity and steal a players bank details. This is real money that would be stolen. However, online casinos do exercise the best online security and you are never really in any immediate danger. It is more of a concern than a security risk. What’s more, online casinos are striving to find new ways to make their sites secure.

Pay by Phone slots

When playing mobile slots, you are far more likely to encounter a dodgy internet connection as you are switching between connections when playing on the move. This means your money is more at risk. That is why the invention of the pay by phone casino was necessary. This deposit method allows mobile slots players to pay for their slots in one lump sum alongside their phone bill. This eradicates all of the multiple payments whilst on the go. In one fell swoop the phone companies and online casinos have solved a major security issue when playing slots online. Anyone who is unsure about internet security is better off using pay by phone slots as a deposit method.


The main benefit that players who favour crypto slots is that it has the best security. This is not strictly true. Yes, you will not have your cryptocurrency stolen or replicated but that deposit method still has nothing on using real money. That is because the value of cryptocurrency is always changing. Also, online casinos are still coming up with new and innovative ways to increase their security measures in deposit methods like the pay by phone method. Therefore, there is still no way that crypto slots can dethrone real money slots as the best way to play slot games, mobile or otherwise.

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